Michigan Driver ID


Description: Digitized with a magnetic stripe and two barcodes on the back. Enhances license has machine-readable zone on back.

Minor’s license: Vertical format; red “UNDER 18 UNTIL (date)” and/or red “UNDER 21 UNTIL (date)”

Validation: Current license: Ghost image; “MICHIGAN” (twice) and bridge in tricolor ink; perforated “MICH” visible with backlighting; microprinting; state seal on from and ghost image and birth date on back in UV ink;

Number: Coded: First letter of the last name; code of the last name; code of the first name; code of middle name; code of month and day of birth.

Term: Minor’s: 7 months to 5 years, expiring on the 21st birthday or duration of stay for non-immigrants. Other licenses: 4 years, expiring on birthday. 12-month early renewal available.

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